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How To Use Whole Beef Tenderloin

The Beef Tenderloin is also known as the “Fillet of Beef” is the Diamond cut of the Beef. It is the leanest cut but also the most tender cut. It usually is divided into 3 parts, 1st the Head, which is the thick part on the back, 2nd the Middle, which is the centre part and 3rd the Tail, which is the thin front part of the Tenderloin.

Usually, if you trim the meat you divide to those 3 parts. Also, remove the tendon and the excess fat in the trimming Process. Now you are left with those 3 Parts which I know explain what to do with them.

1.The Head of the Fillet

This can be used for Steak or Stir Fry. Also, people use this Part for Beef Tartare which is usually raw beef mixed with Spices and then served on Toast. From this part of the Tenderloin, you will also cut the Chateaubriand which is a huge Steak from the thickest cut of this part.

2. The Centre Part of the Tenderloin

The center Part of the Tenderloin is where you cut your Fillet Mignon or the Tournedos. Also , can be used for Beef Tartare but is better to cut Steaks out of it. This part can be used whole as “Beef Wellington or just whole roasted with Herbs.

3. The Tail part of the Tenderloin

Usually used for Stir Fry or Stew such as Beef Stroganoff or Goulash. Can be used for Beef Tartare as well.

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