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The benefits and goodness of kangaroo meat are more than just nutrition!

Just as it is in the human world, overcrowding of kangaroos could be the cause of problems such as food shortage and environmental pollution. The Australian government saw it coming in the kangaroo’s world and took action to put things under control by legalizing the consumption of kangaroo meat in 1980. A win-win situation was created for both humans and kangaroos.

As a matter of fact, kangaroos have been hunted for their meat by the Indigenous Australians for many generations. Kangaroo meat is surprisingly lean, with less than 2% fat. It is protein rich and high in energy, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins which are all essential to our body’s quest for health and fitness. It is particularly beneficial to athletes and sportsmen who are training to increase their lean muscle mass tissue.

New to the idea of kangaroo meat and not sure where to get it? The key is to get yours from a reliable source, an expert in Australian meat importation.

Choosing the right kangaroo meat is easy because you can’t go wrong with Paroo Premium Kangaroo brought to you by South Stream Seafoods.

Paroo Premium Kangaroo is your optimal choice of kangaroo meat. Why?

  • It is produced by the leading manufacturer in Australia.

  • It is sourced sustainably, responsibly and ethically from only the finest wild game red kangaroos from specific premium sourcing regions in Australia.

  • It is the winner of Delicious Produce Awards 2014.

It’s also good to know that the Australian government enforces a strict code of practice to ensure that only the best practice harvesting procedures are used to protect animal welfare while providing this highly nutritious meat to the consumers. The kangaroo industry is indeed an excellent example of conservation through.

You can use kangaroo meat the same way as you do with traditional red meat. If you would like a recipe or two to get you started with the enjoyment of kangaroo meat, visit us at for more information and at the same time enjoy easy shopping for Paroo Premium Kangaroo as well as the finest Beef, Lamb and Pork including organic selections that are all flown in freshly every week from Australia and New Zealand.

We deliver to most areas in Hong Kong and the service is free with purchases of or over $500.

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