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How to Cook the Perfect Ribeye Steak

Do you think steak is a tricky food to get right? Actually, it is surprisingly easy to prepare as long as you follow a few simple steps, you’ll have a restaurant-quality steak in under 10 minutes cooking time.

Step 1: Bring the steak to room temperature

Give the steak about 20-30 minutes to warm up to avoid cold centre. It is always best to cook meat from or near room temperature.

Step 2: Seasoning

Basically, there are three ways to season the steak when you pan fry it. (1) rub the spices, (2) marinate, (3) make a sauce. If you have a tender steak, seasoning with salt and pepper is good enough to naturally bring out the flavour.

Step 3: Preheat the pan with oil

Preheat the pan to the highest temperature before you start to cook, it allows the steak to brown evenly.

Step 4: Put the steak when the pan is hot

Use the tongs to place the steak into the oil to prevent splashing. Don’t move the cooking steak until it has formed a brown crust. Cooking times vary, which depends on the size and thickness of the steak.

Step 5: Flip the steak carefully

Flip the steak to the other side when the side sear completely. Remember to turn the steak carefully, which avoid letting out the red juices and drying out the meat.

Step 6: Baste the steak

Use a big spoon to take the hot oil in the pan and repeatedly baste the steak over and over. It allows you to skip flipping the steak again, and two sides will cook at the same speed.

Step 7: Sear the edge

Flip the steak on its side and sear the edge until it is coloured like the rest of the meat.

Step 8: Cook to your liking

When the steak is rare, red juices will start to seep through the top of the steak. Use meat thermometer to check temperature to see if it’s how you like it.

  • For rare: 45°C to 50°C

  • For medium rare: 55°C to 60°C

  • For medium: 60°C to 65°C

  • For medium well: 65°C to 70°C

  • For well-done: 70°C and above

Use finger or tongs to feel the firmness of the steak once it reached your desired temperature. After a while you will learn how to cook perfectly without a thermometer

Step 9: Let the steak rest before serving!

Once ready, turn off the heat and place the steak on a warm plate to rest for 5 minutes. This is the secret to a Juicy Steak!

South Stream Tips:

Some people believe salting the steak before putting it in the pan is best because longer the steak is exposed to the spice, the more it will pick up the flavour. Others opt not to salt the steak before cooking. Instead, they salt the steak right after cooking as salt will draw liquid out of the steak. It depends on the cooks and chefs alike.

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