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Where to eat in Hong Kong this July

Sometimes, you may want to prepare a meal for yourself at home – and it can be as fresh and delicious. That’s where South Stream Market comes in. It’s a little different from our other entries but hear us out. Established in 1992, they have imported fresh foods and groceries into Hong Kong to cater to Hong Kongers that prize the quality of their produce more than anything else. Their goods include meat, seafood, veggies & fruit, bakery, dairy & eggs, drinks & beverages, groceries, home products, personal care, and pet foods among others. Suppliers are chosen for their adherence to strict health codes and sustainable practises. Meat is shipped fresh every week and they also have products that cater to specific needs including produce that is organic, gluten free, halal, suitable for plaeo diets and babies.

Customers can specify the cut and packaging that they want for their meat. The produce is then delivered to your door by South Stream Market’s personal delivery service- the perfect choice for people woth busy schedules. Some of the produce that can be purchased (and then delivered) are Premium Organic Tea from Wital, Italian Prosciutto Di Parma Ferrari (chilled), Neals Yard Stilton- UK (chilled), NZ King Salmon Fillet (chilled) and the AUS Sliced Smoked Salmon (chilled). Product can also be ordered online with prices listed for every 100 grams.

We can assure you that the quality of the ingredients as well as the service are top notch. We particularly loved the incredibly fresh mozzarella di Bufala, perfect for summer salads.

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