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Staying healthy at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend is just around the corner. A time where we get to indulge in tasty Turkey breast, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffed yams, pumpkin pie, champagne and much more!

It’s also a special time to share with our loved ones, close friends and mostly importantly a time to be thankful. What’s not to love about this holiday?

In order to avoid falling into that uncomfortable food coma, let’s talk about ways to ‘healthlify’ your thanksgiving weekend (without the unwanted calories) but still being able to enjoy some of those tasty dishes.

Thanksgiving Day guidelines:

  1. Start your day with movement Include a morning run or gym sweat session into your day. This is a great way to increase your metabolism, increase energy levels and get in those 10,000 steps before dinner (remember energy in vs energy out). It also releases our feel-good hormones which means we are more likely to choose smarter food options later on.

  2. Avoid starving yourself beforehand Try to eat normally during the day and include an afternoon snack (e.g. piece of fruit or veggie sticks and hummus). When we deprive ourselves of meals or food during the daytime we tend to play catch up or overeat at night.

  3. Drink plenty of water Remember drinks count as calories too! Alcohol tends to be served in an extra-large glass or larger pour these days so try to be conscious of your standard drink sizes and alternate drinks with a glass of water. Try to opt for low calorie choices and avoid the high sugar drinks (soft drinks, energy drinks & juices). Another great option is to include some ‘mocktails’ – e.g. sparkling water with a splash of lime and fresh fruit.

  4. Portion control The food spread at Thanksgiving dinner is always impressive, we don’t want to miss out on those tasty dishes so we try a ‘little bit of everything’. Before loading up your plate, scan the buffet and decide what you really need. Try to choose a smaller plate or bowl so we avoid piling the plate up high. Studies show an average of 30% less food consumption this way.

  5. Load up on veggies If you’re hosting the dinner, try to include a rainbow of different vegetable options. Embrace the seasonal produce with leafy green salads, roast pumpkin, sweet potato mash (without the cheese), asparagus, beetroot & pomegranates.

  6. Pace yourself Eat slowly and mindfully, put your fork down between bites and try to chew each mouthful 20-30 times. This will allow optimal digestion.

  7. Skip the seconds One of the highlights of Thanksgiving is the leftovers the next day. Try to resist the temptation of going back for seconds.

Our festive promotion is up and running where you’ll find plenty of tasty protein options to include in your thanksgiving meal. Order early so you don’t miss out. Some of my favourite picks are: - Australian rib eye - NZ Tegal chicken (hormone free) - Australian wild catch king banana prawns - Australian whole duck - Organic prairie ground chicken mince - NZ Bone-in lamb leg

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