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How to Reduce Your Chemical Load

What we put into our body and how we move plays an important role when it comes to our overall health, body composition and risk for disease. But what about the air we breathe, the chemicals we are exposed and the toxic load we put into our body? It’s difficult to predict the exact impact this will have on us in 10 or 20 years’ time, but we do know that chemical overexposure has been linked to a variety of diseases, including obesity and developmental issues. Research has suggested that we are exposed to over 700,000 chemicals EACH DAY! A crazy and scary thought.

So how can we reduce our load? Here are a few simple solutions to get you started and help minimize the toxic burden.

  1. Drink filtered water – this helps to remove any contaminants, chemicals, lead and heavy metals out of your water. We use a simple Brita jug filter which is great and not overly expensive.

  2. Switch to natural cleaning products – yes this means getting rid of the bleach and other harsh chemicals that your family may be exposed to. We are fortunate that we have many eco-friendly brands in the market now. EcoStore is a great product to try with a range of both cleaning and personal care products.

  3. Buy organic where you can – No I’m not suggesting you have to buy everything organic but try to focus on the main priorities and evaluate how you can fit this into your budget. Use the ‘dirty dozen’ list as a helpful guide.

  4. Focus on natural foods and ingredients – ones that are plucked from a tree or picked from the ground are always best. Try to avoid more processed foods with added preservatives, chemicals/additives or ones you’ve never heard of or can’t pronounce.

  5. Store foods in glass rather than plastics and never heat plastic.

  6. Choose BPA free lunchboxes, water bottles and storage containers (reusable).

  7. Drink water from stainless steel or glass bottles (we don’t want any chemicals or synthetic estrogens seeping into our water).

  8. Protect your beautiful skin by choosing more natural beauty and personal care products. This includes your soaps, body lotions, moisturizers, perfumes, face creams and hair care products. Phthalate and sulphate free and without any synthetic perfumes and dyes preferably.

If all this information sounds overwhelming then try to focus on one or two points above and look at implementing those into your 2020 schedule. Reducing the chemical load will definitely have a positive impact on your family’s long term health as well as caring for our lovely environment.

Be sure to have a look at our eco-friendly household range from both Ecostore and Greenshield when you are shopping this month.

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