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Order Online At South Stream Market

Times are tough around the globe today, with most of us stuck voluntarily or involuntarily at home. Why not make the best of your time and do your groceries online with South Stream Market!

Getting groceries in Hong Kong can sometimes feel more like a scavenger hunt than a leisurely shopping trip. But shopping online at South Stream Market is a breeze, and you can enjoy restaurant-quality food at home!

Deli & Ready to Eat section:

An ideal section for foodie families, you can find anything in this easy laid out page. From deli cheeses and cured meats to organic soups from Australia and so much more. Halal certified, gluten-free, it's all here!

Celebrate Health:

Now could not be a better time to take good care of your health, and this section has it all laid out for you. South Stream Market currently has a wonderful range of products from the company Celebrate Health, which offers fantastic organic and healthy soups, stir-fry sauces, and more! If you are looking for gluten-free, sugar-free options, the celebrate health section has your family sorted.

Passage Foods:

Looking to expand your cuisine without too much mess in the kitchen? Check out South Stream Market's product range called: Passage Foods. This range will help you create wonderfully traditional dishes from India, Vietnam, and Thailand, from street food favorites to the classics!

Australian Organic Factory Co:

Looking for 100% organic food, then check out Australia Organic! South Stream Market now offers three beautiful soups from this brand. Another excellent bonus; buying from this company helps support Australian organic farmers and save our soil.


Not in the mood for cooking tonight, fret not, South Stream Market has you sorted with their Habibi section where you can select restaurant-quality food, which will be ready to eat in 10-20mins and is Halal certified!

Neapolitan Pizza:

Who doesn't love pizza? It's always handy to have a few spare frozen pizzas at home whenever the time calls, and the news will surely bring a smile to everyone's face. South Stream Market offers a taste of real authentic pizza Napoletana, ready in 15mins. They also offer gluten-free options.

Cured Meat:

For families who are into their cured meats and smelly cheeses, this is the section for you! Whether you are preparing an antipasti platter for movie night or need some great quality turkey for sandwiches, the deli section has got it all.


We saved the best for last, dessert! There is a dessert for everyone in this section, from decadent chocolate tarts to the classic apple pie to the sophisticated matcha cake. They also have a tonne of gluten-free options!

New arrivals are coming to South Stream Market, so be sure to visit the website. If didn’t find the items that you are looking for? You can simply drop them a message for any other products you would like them to stock.

Why Little Steps loves it: South Stream Market offers ready to eat quality restaurant food right to your doorstep!

Who it's perfect for: Anyone who prefers do their grocery run online, plus if your order is over HK$500, delivery is free!

What else: Make sure to sign up this March as South Stream Market is offering HK$100 off on your first order and 15% off all following orders until the end of month. Score!

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