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Quick and easy meal prep

Prepping food for the week ahead can seem like a tiresome chore and an impossible task with our busy work/life schedules. But, meal prep can help keep our nutrition on track, it can saves us money (as we can buy in bulk) which means we spend less money eating out. We don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen or be a professional chef, by following a few key simples rules it can done in just an hour or two.

Top tips for meal prep

1. Make a plan – Take some time to plan out your recipes for the week and create a shopping list – If you are just starting out then choose 2-3 recipes to give some variety but not overwhelm you.

2. Keep it simple – Recipes don’t have to be over complicated or fancy, try to stick to 4-5 items when putting a meal or snack together – pick a protein, starch and a few vegetables.

My favourite go to’s are: chicken and roast vegetable salad, sushi bowl with salmon, brown rice and Chinese vegetables or a slow cooker beef with root vegetables and wholegrain pasta.

Snacks can include overnight oats soaked in cinnamon and almond milk then topped with berries and seeds. Chia pudding with mango and coconut (soaked in cashew or coconut milk) or nutty bliss balls.

3. Stick to your budget – there’s no need to spend a fortune and buy everything organic or grass fed if you can’t afford it. Foods like quinoa, sweet potatoes, eggs, chick peas and seasonal fruits and vegetables are some good staples to include.

4. Food storage – Mason jars are a great tool to hold salads, soak some chia puddings or hold a smoothie in, plus they are super affordable. Try putting together a layered salad for work, just add the dressing on the bottom and layer up the veges with the leaves on top. This way the salad still stays crisp by lunchtime. Leftovers can be stored in the freezer for the another day.

5. Super snacks – hard boiled eggs make great lunchbox essential as well as chopped up fruit, pottle of nuts and dried fruit or some vegetable sticks and hummus. This way you won’t be drawn to the high sugar office snack box or vending machine.

6. Get cooking – Sundays are a great day for meal prep and filling the fridge for the week ahead. Having a few items on the go can help save you time. Pop some chicken in the oven to bake, marinate some fish and soak some rice for later on, all while you are chopping up some vegetables.

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