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How to Select the Best Foods for BBQ

Beef: Choose the best Steak for the BBQ. The best cuts of Beef for the BBQ include the Ribeye, Sirloin, Strip-steak, Tenderloin, Flank Steak and more. It is up to you if you want to grill the whole Piece or if you want to have Steaks. My suggestion for Steaks would be 200g per Piece. You can either make a dry rub or marinate the Meat in a Marinade overnight. Sizzle over high heat to get the nice crust and grill the meat to your desired doneness. You can even grill or smoke whole Pieces on the BBQ. A whole Tenderloin or Beef Brisket or a whole marinated Slap of Short Ribs. It’s up to you.


Burgers should also be at every BBQ in this Summer. If Beef, Pork or Turkey Burger it is always a crowd pleaser to have a great Burger Patty. You can make your own Burgers if you have a grinder at home and use some Beef Chuck or Brisket if you don’t have a grinder ask your Butcher. For me, the best size for a Burger should be around 150g.


Pork is widely used in all styles of BBQ. I personally prefer the Bone in Pork Rack/ Pork Chop which is perfect for the BBQ. But there are much more nice cuts, including the Pork Shoulder, the Pork Belly, Tenderloin, Spare Ribs or Collar. Also, Bacon can grill nicely on a BBQ. The bone in Rack or Pork Chops should have around 200g per piece so you can grill it nicely on the Flames. Personally, I like to marinate it with some Ketchup, brown sugar and some sweet Paprika, Pepper and Salt. You can also grill the whole Pieces on the BBQ like the Pork Collar the whole Tenderloin and of course a whole slab of Spare Ribs.

Professionals can try to smoke a whole Pork Shoulder. Dry Rub with Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Herbs and Olive Oil. Massage the Rub into the Shoulder cover all the surface. Slow smoke with some Apple wood or Hickory for 6-8 hours until fork-tender gives you the best Pull Pork

Lamb: A must try on the BBQ. If it is a whole rack or just some Lamb Chops, it is always a pleasure to grill Lamb on the BBQ. Also, you can grill the whole Lamb Leg or the Lamb Shoulder slow on the BBQ until tender and fall apart. For lamb, you can simply use Olive Oil, Thyme, Garlic, white or black Pepper and Salt for the Marinade. Dry rub or let it marinate overnight.

I like to make a marinade with orange juice, thyme, brown Sugar, Coriander, Cumin, some Harissa and black pepper and salt. Leave it overnight in a bag. Next day take out of the Bag and keep marinate for pasting the meat from time to time.

Chicken: For me the most easiest meat to cook on the Grill. If it is on a skewer or only a breast, thigh, drumstick or wing. Everyone loves chicken on the Grill. Children like to put their teeth around those succulent chicken Wings. Very easy product to grill. Simple marinate with Olive oil, Salt, white pepper and some sprigs of Fresh Rosemary. What I also like is Honey Dijon Chicken, just simply mix Dijon Mustard and Honey and mix with the Chicken or brush it on while grilling. You can do a whole Chicken on the BBQ as well, just slow and low is the best. Stuff the whole Chicken with some Orange or Lemon halves, including the Skin, some organic room temperature Butter and Sprigs of Rosemary and let it get moist and crispy on the Grill.


Aussies like their fresh Fish and Seafood on the BBQ. If whole Fish or Fish Fillet, both is ok on the BBQ. Marinate the fish overnight in the Fridge so it can soak up all the flavour. Put on the grill and let it get the crispy skin and the moist meat. Prawns, Squid, Scallops or even Lobster Tails, everything works well on the BBQ. For fish most common use lemon, butter, garlic and fresh herbs.

Sausage: My favourite item on the grill is the Sausage. Me as a former Sausage maker I love to grill Sausages on the BBQ. Crispy, crunchy outside skin and juicy, moist inside, a good Sausage is always a Star on the Grill. You can have Pork Sausages (Cumberland, English Banger, German Brat) or Beef Sausages ( Hot Dog, Angus Beef Sausage, or Lamb (Lamb, Honey and Mint or a spicy Lamb Merguez) or even Chicken, Veal and nowadays also Fish Sausages. Make sure you buy them fresh, let them sit at room temperature and grill over high heat until crispy. Serve it alone or on a bun with mustard and Ketchup.

At South-stream, we have everything you need for your BBQ. Fresh imported meat, fish and sausages, to make your BBQ an unforgettable experience. Have a look at our website for further information. If you need any assistance or help do not hesitate to contact us.

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