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Thanksgiving is around the corner and so are the turkeys, catch them before they run away!

There are times when it feels right to stick with the tradition, and sharing great food and a turkey on thanksgiving is one of them. For this very reason, our advice is for you to place your order as early as possible before the turkeys run out.

Choose a turkey of the size you want from our stock of Frozen US Norbest Turkey or Frozen Organic Prairie Turkey and Frozen US Shelton’s Organic Turkey now and request for a later delivery if you so desire. You can even ask for your turkey to be partially or completely defrosted upon delivery. We know that space in your fridge is tight!

Have no time for a whole turkey? Or just want to keep it simple in your kitchen? We have Turkey Breast for you to work on some easy recipes.

Ham is certainly another popular food next to turkey for thanksgiving. Our Harmony Free Farmed Ham comes in boneless quarter size as well as bone-in half and whole hams to fit the scale of your dinner. It is anticipated to go away fast together with the turkeys so it is a good idea to reserve yours at the same time when ordering your turkey.

To add variety and flavors to the menu especially for larger families and dinner parties, our premium AUS Frozen Wild Caught King Prawns and Frozen AUS Duck Breasts and Legs are excellent choices while fresh gourmet beef, lamb, pork and chicken as well as fish from Australia and New Zealand are available for both your festive feasts and daily meals.

Shop now on for not just everything you need for thanksgiving but also your daily repasts. Explore our wide range of fresh fish, meat, produce and even eco friendly household products and experience our friendly service. We do our best to accommodate specific cutting and packing instructions and will deliver your order promptly to your door for free in most areas in HK for purchases of $500 or more.

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