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Great news for fish lovers and healthy eaters: Clean fish and seafood are now available at your fing

Great news for fish lovers and healthy eaters : Clean fish and seafood are now available at your fingertips! No more bearing with marine pollution and contaminated fish!


Fresh fish:

Has the news of mercury contaminated fish being found in Hong Kong and the adverse effects of these “poisonous” fish on your health alarmed and scared you?

Are you constantly finding yourself in a dilemma of whether you should follow your appetite and eat all the fish you want to, or steer away from your favourite fish dish in order to stay healthy?

As much as we do not encourage you to risk your health by consuming “unsafe” fish just to satisfy your appetite, we also do not agree for you to be deprived of the enjoyment of eating fish and benefitting from all the nutrients and goodness that “clean” fish can offer.

So what’s the solution? The good news is that there are some very reliable sources for you to buy your fish clean and natural and safe to consume anytime. In other words, a source that provides absolute peace of mind.

South Stream Seafoods brings in fish and seafood from the pristine waters in Australia and New Zealand freshly and chilled every week by air. While most of the catches are wild, it has also become sensible for selected farmed fishes to be included, for aquaculture is truly one of the most sustainable way of producing animal protein nowadays, and of course, all farmed fishes are raised responsibly and ethically without being fed harmful hormones and antibiotics, in unpolluted waters.

Now you know that clean fishes are easily accessible even if you live in Hong Kong, there’s no reason to exclude fish from your diets anymore because fish and seafood are low in fat and they contain essential fatty acids like Omega-3 fat which helps to maintain a fit body, lower the risks of many health problems such as heart attacks and strokes and protect you from age related deterioration. The fact that it’s easily digestible makes it an excellent food for kids and elderlies too.

To make preparation of baby and toddler meals more convenient for parents, we have fish for kids in special baby packs of 100g each. You are also welcome to order fish of your choice vacuum packed in sizes and cuts of your specifications.

Pure and Quality food of Australia and New Zealand is not limited to only fish and seafood but also all kinds of meat, poultry and produce too. Check out the website to find out more for yourself. Shop comfortably with us in your home or office anytime during the day and enjoy delivery service to your door. We deliver to most areas in Hong Kong and the service is free with purchases of or over $500.

Food and grocery shopping has never been so pleasant and easy!

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