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Maccaroni Au Gratin with Salmon

Cooking Level: ★★☆☆☆

Time: ★★☆☆☆


  • 100g x 4 Skinless salmon fillets

  • Salt and pepper

  • 500g Maccaroni

  • 40g Salted butter

  • 60g All purpose flour

  • 1 liter Milk

  • 100g Grated parmesan cheese


  1. Cook the maccaroni in the boiled water for around 10 minutes, strain and set aside

  2. In a pot, melt the butter

  3. Add the flour and stir for 2 minutes on low heat

  4. Pour in the Milk and bring to a boil

  5. Simmer for a few minutes until the mixture has thickened

  6. Add the grated parmesan and set aside

  7. Mix the maccaroni with the milk cheese mixture and pour in an oven proof dish

  8. Season the salmon fillets with salt and pepper and place on top

  9. In a preheated 180°C oven bake for 20 minutes until golden brown

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