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Modern or traditional, great food makes Christmas magical!

While turkey is considered a must have food item for Christmas, has it ever occurred to you that your dish can be made more interesting just by letting more birds to join the party? “Turducken” (a portmanteau of turkey, duck and chicken), a dish consisting of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey is what it is. It may sound like a bit of extra works involved in preparation but just imagine the multi-layered flavour of three birds in one!


Does it actually give you ideas for making dishes of engastration in smaller portion for the winter solstice dinner, such as a “gooducken” or a “duchicpar” (can you guess what these are)?

Turkey’s name in Chinese is “huo ji” of which the literal translation is “fire chicken”. Although “huo ji” seems to be referring to the look of turkey, I wonder if it also has anything to do with what a hot item it is during festive seasons, and speaking of which, its time again to order your turkey for Christmas before they run out. We have a full range of frozen US Norbest Turkey and frozen US Organic Prairie Turkey in different sizes to suit the scale of your Christmas parties. Order yours early to ensure availability.

Space in your fridge is tight? No worries, just take advantage of our “order now, deliver later” special service. You can even ask to have your turkey partially or fully defrosted upon delivery.

Our Harmony Free Farmed Ham comes in boneless quarter size as well as bone-in half and whole hams. You know how popular they are just second to turkey so it is a good idea to reserve ham and turkey at the same time.

Looking for some not so traditional gastronomic delights? We have more great ideas for you besides “turducken”.

Our Wild Scottish Red Deer Rack is perfect for parties because it looks amazing, tastes great and cooks in under an hour.

Oven ready Wild Whole Partridge from the UK is also a wonderful seasonal product that requires minimal preparation.

Our 100% natural Kangaroo Meat is another great choice of meat for parties and festive dinners for its exceptional leanness and tenderly texture. While 98% fat free, it is nonetheless high in iron and protein compared to other meat.

We are proud to present our own Farmer’s Brats homemade sausage. Made of our own chef’s secret recipe with premium beef and lamb from New Zealand and handpicked spices, these sausages are so flavoursome and succulent they promise to take your experience with sausage to the next level.

South Stream is your one stop online shop from which to get the best quality of everything you need for your daily meals and party food ingredients. Our products range from seafood and fish, natural or organic meat and vegetables and fruits and more.

Shop with us now and join our reward programme to start earning bonus points for redemption of free goods and cash coupons to spend on your future purchases. We gladly offer free delivery service to most areas in Hong Kong for purchases of $500 or more.

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