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Finding Fresh Inspiration for Cooking? You Can Never Be Bored with Fish!

Fish is one of the most versatile meats to cook with. There are so many different ways to prepare fish that the possibilities of transforming one type of fish into different culinary delights are endless. One can never be bored with fish!

By following the experts’ advice on cooking techniques, you can become gourmet chefs of fish too! Before deciding on the cooking method, you should get to know your fish first and make sure that a few essential factors are taken well into consideration including the thickness, natural flavor and fat content of the fish.

Fish of thick cuts, firm flesh and is oilier doesn’t tend to dry out easily during cooking and lends itself to dry-heat cooking methods like roasting, grilling and baking. Monkfish, swordfish, salmon, tuna and barramundi steaks are a few good examples of fish that are supreme when grilled or baked.

Pan-frying is on the other hand the perfect dry-heat method to cook delicate and flaky fish because it creates a crispy crust to contrast with the flaky and tender center of the fish. A couple of great choices of fish are fillet of sole, salmon and gurnard.

Blue cod with its shellfish like characteristic, smooth texture and sweet flavor, is perfect for making traditional fish and chips.

Turbot breaded and queen snapper/tarakihi nuggets deep-fried are children’s favorite.

Love to BBQ? Make skewers with any fish such as swordfish and tuna or salmon.

Whole fish is great for BBQ and the trick to keep the fish moist when cooked is by wrapping it in aluminum while a crispy grilled whole rainbow trout is invariably considered most saporific! Either way, “nom nom” is all you will say about the end products!

Moist heat cooking methods like poaching, steaming and baking en papillote are more forgiving and that they minimize the chance of drying out the fish. Whole snapper with lean and moist meat of firm texture as well as baby barramundi gutted and gilled promise to elevate your gustatory enjoyment when steamed.

A heavenly bowl of soup noodles are best paired with fishes of which the flesh is slightly firmer and the taste delicate like grouper and kingfish whilst barramundi which has only a few large bones that can be removed easily adds mouthwatering flavor to porridge rice.

Another gastronomical delight that somehow gets missed out sometimes is salmon head in miso soup. The head makes a luxurious broth with meat in the soup from the head, it is so satisfying you will not want to toss those fish heads again.

Crave for something refreshing? Shredded or seared tuna makes a great salad with crispy baby lettuce and crunchy celery while smoked salmon is exceptionally appetizing with leafy vegetables.

Too busy to cook? There are ways to enjoy great flavours of fish without the time and efforts that are usually required for preparing a deliberate dish. Silky smooth smoked salmon in eggs benedict is one of the many foolproof tasty choices that would satisfy your appetite and provide great energy at the same time.

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