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Countdown to Christmas! How to prepare for the big day

The Christmas decorations are up and we are in the full swing of Christmas. It’s definitely my favourite time of year as I look forward to taking some much-needed rest, resetting my goals for 2020 and spending time with loved ones.

Knowing what to cook on the day can become quite stressful so we’ve included a handy check list with some healthier alternatives. This way you don’t overindulge or end the year on a heavier note.

Christmas day check list:

1. Snacks Christmas day tends to start early so we want to make sure we are fueled well during the day and with the right stuff. Rather than graze on chocolate almonds, grandmas homemade mince pies or a liquid diet, try and include some of these easy snacks.

Some great options are: - Veggie sticks and hummus/salsa - Homemade guacamole & rice crackers - Oven baked pita chips - Fruit kebabs (festive berries & cherries) - Mini veggie/xmas ham quiches - Mixed raw nuts & cranberries - Fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate

Try to limit the creamy dips, sausage rolls, chips, cakes and processed foods. Of course it is Christmas so we do want to include a few treats on the day. Try to use the 80:20 rule, 80% of the time choose whole, real, nutritious foods and 20% of the time choose for pleasure. When you do indulge, homemade options are always better and tastier!

2. Alcohol Pace yourself when it comes to alcohol and Christmas day. Try to include a good meal or snack before popping the cork as it helps slow down your drinking pace and fills you up first. Mocktails or a sparkling infused water jug (with lemons, limes or strawberries) are a nice addition to the Christmas table and can help aid digestion.

3. Eat slowly and mindfully It takes around 20mins for the brain to tell the body you are full. Most of us tend to inhale our food and move onto the next course or beverage. Try to chew your food 20-30 times before swallowing, put your fork down between bites and sit down at the table. Christmas is all about celebrating the time with family and friends so enjoy the moment.

4. Move that body! Keep active during the day even if it’s just 30mins. Take the family outside for a game of cricket, meet friends for a hike or schedule in a workout first thing before the festivities begin.

Don’t forget our festive promotion is still running where you’ll find plenty of tasty options to include in your Christmas meal.

Some of my favourite picks are: - Hellers Continental Carve leg Ham - Gammon Smoked Bone in Ham - Australian Sliced Smoked Salmon - Gluten free Apple Tartlets - Halloumi Cheese (Pan-fried, it’s great to spice up that Xmas greens salad) - Cinzanno Prosecco

Want to find out more or ask a question? Click Here to get in touch with Chrissy.

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