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Healthy Food Made Simple

Making healthy food doesn’t have to be overly complicated or take hours to prepare. The key is to keep it simple and not over think things. We are constantly bombarded with information from social media regarding foods, trends and the best diets to follow, it can become overwhelming.

Here are some ideas to help you with your weekly meals.

  1. Boost your vegetable intake Try to theme your meals around the vegetables you are using. Remember to rotate your greens! We all know that a lack of variety can be boring and also deprive us of essential nutrients, so choose wisely.

  2. Keep it real! Choose wholesome real foods as often as you can rather than reaching for that takeaway menu. This means choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and unprocessed foods, giving your body more nutrients, energy and less chemicals. This month Southstream Market has a 20% discount on all fresh F & V from the 22nd to the 30th June by using the code ‘HEALTHY20’.

  3. Soups and stews Soups and stews are a quick and easy hot meal that can offer many health benefits for the body. Something you can throw into the slow cooker in the morning or pop on the stove in the afternoon. Its best to use fresh ingredients (vegetables, or beef/chicken bones) minimal added salt and no added sugars. If time is something you don’t have then you can buy some great hearty soups such as the ‘Celebrate Health’ range, including Organic pumpkin soup, cauliflower, coconut and turmeric soup, and chicken spelt and vegetable soup to name a few.

  4. Sauces and dips Many of the sauces we find in supermarkets tend to be very high in fat, full of artificial flavours and stabilizers. Try to replace any cream or sour cream recipes with low fat milk or Greek/natural yoghurts. Dairy free can be easy by using come coconut milk or other plant based milks and including a variety of herbs and spices. Lentils and beans can be a great way to thicken it up too. ‘Passage to Asia’ have introduced a lovely range of sauces ranging from Pad Thai, Rogan Josh, Teriyaki chicken and Thai Basil sweet chilli chicken.

  5. The Power of Tea Another way to add some antioxidants to the body is through herbal tea. Studies have shown that certain teas can help with disease prevention, aid weight loss, reduce stress, increase our sleep and give us energy. Some teas do contain a bit of caffeine but they also have high levels of antioxidants such as green tea, helping reduce the risk of many diseases. Lavender and peppermint teas can help with digestion, where chamomile tea can promote sleep and reduce stress. Ginger and lemongrass both have high anti-inflammatory properties as well as help soothe the stomach. Have a look at South Stream Market’s range of Wital’s Organic teas

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