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Cotoletta a la Milanaise with Side Salad

Time: ★★☆☆☆

Cooking Level: ★★☆☆☆


  • 2 x 250g Bone in veal chops

  • 1 Egg

  • 150g of Bake-works breadcrumbs

  • 100g Flour, all purpose

  • 500ml Rice bran oil

  • Himalayan pink salt and black pepper to taste

  • 1 Organic lemon, cut in wedges for garnish

  • 1 box of Hydroponic butter head salad

  • 1 box Cherry tomatoes, halved

  • 2tbsp Avocado oil

  • 1tbsp Jamie Oliver balsamic vinegar

  1. First step is to prepare your breading station: put the flour, bread crumbs and the egg in separate bowls.

  2. Add some organic milk to the egg and whisk until smooth.

  3. Lay out your veal chops on a cutting board and pound thinly with a meat hammer.

  4. Season the veal chops with salt and pepper.

  5. For the breading take the chops 1 by 1 and dip separate, first in the flour then the egg and at last in the breadcrumbs.

  6. After the bread crumbs you can gently push with your hand so the crumbs hold on to the meat. Set aside.

  7. In a large frying pan heat the rice bran oil to 190°C. Add the chops to the hot oil and fry until golden brown.

  8. Leave the chops on kitchen paper to drain of the excess oil.

  9. Serve on a plate with lemon wedges.

  10. For salad mix olive oil with vinegar and stir thoroughly.

  11. In a bowl, mix the butter head salad and tomatoes with the dressing and serve on the side.

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